Nu - Worm Gearbox

Nu - Worm Gearbox

NU Worm Gearbox

We produce and supply Industrial Nu Worm gearboxes for our clients. The inclusion of a supporting flange also enables a vertical output shaft.

NU Worm Gearbox With bottom and top side mounting, the single-piece universal case allows the drive to be under- or overdriven. with a supporting flange provision enables a vertical output shaft as well.

Product Details:

Brand Speedo Drive
Power 0.18 KW TO 30KW
Usage/Application Industrial
Orientation Horizontal
Gear Type Worm
Mounting Foot
Material Cast Iron
Country of Origin Made in India
Packaging Type Wooden Box

Product Range

Range Centre Distance 2” TO 10”
Ratio 10: 1 to 70:1
Mounting Horizontal & Vertical Models

Technical Features

Gearbox Body Cast iron which is completely oil tight and dust proof.
Worm Shaft Alloy steel and case harden, thread cutting process.
Worm Wheel Made from Pb2 (Phosphorous Bronze) material.
Output Shaft Made from Alloy steel.
Bearings High quality taper roller bearings used.

Product Applications

Our WORM GEAR BOX used in various sector like Material Handling, Cement, Coal, Food processing, Automation, Leather, Machine Tools, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Polymer, Printing, Rubber, Textile, Wire, Glass, Ceramics, Mining Industries & many other Industries.