Inline Helical Gearbox - SP Series

Inline Helical Gearbox - SP Series
Helical Gearbox Sp Series

Speedo Gears manufactures the Helical Gearbox, and is part of the inline Helical Gearbox sp series. It is one of the top helical gearbox manufacturer in Ahmedabad. All gears are produced meticulously, ensuring maximum efficiency and low noise.

What Is Helical Gearbox ?

A gear is a revolving machine component with cut teeth or cogs that transmits torque by meshing with another toothed component. In plain English, gears are one of the most important components of any motor and machine that, by providing gear reduction and modifying the rotational direction, contribute to increasing the torque production. Transmission or helical gearbox refers to a set of two or more gears operating in unison. A power source's speed, torque, and direction are more likely to be changed by gear-driven devices.

One of the most popular types of gearboxes, helical gearboxes are the most efficient gears available. Their setup makes a variety of performances possible.

Helical Gearbox: What is it? Industrial gearboxes are used in a variety of small- and large-scale businesses and have many distinct uses. Around the world, there are few expert top Industrial gearboxes builders. They specialise in the manufacture of various Industrial gearboxes, including worm, helical, planetary, and gear motors. In this article, we'll go into more detail about the helical gearbox's operation, effectiveness, and uses.

HELICALGEARBOX is produced by Speedo Gear Private Limited. Our Helical gearboxes SP Series are cast using industry-standard raw materials and strictly under the watchful eye of our qualified engineers. The items are put through a number of quality checks in accordance with established industrial grades. All gear is produced using case-hardened alloy steel and is machined with more accuracy on CNC machines for reduced noise and increased productivity. Our ability to provide dependable and high-quality Inline helical gearbox products has helped us to establish a distinctive and dynamic position in the market.

Product Range

Power (HP) 0.5 -5.0
Output RPM 32-400
Gearing Arrangement Type Helical (TWO STAGE)
Motor mounting Suitable to IS 325 AC Induction Motor
Mounting Foot, Flange
Input Speed (rpm) 1440 RPM, 960 RPM, 2800RPM
Material Cast Iron
Model SP102, SP128, SP142, SP162, SP160
Colour Blue
Condition New
Phase Three / single
Warranty 1 Year Standard
Ratio 3.8:1 To 44:1