AC Induction Motor

AC Induction Motor

The most Three Phase AC Motors found in industrial and commercial application is the Induction motors work by electrically inducing an electro-magnetic pole into the rotor. The magnetic field that surrounds the rotor appears to rotate which has the effect of pulling the rotor in the direction of rotation. The speed of the rotation is determined by the frequency of the applied alternating current-change the frequency and the rotor speed is changed.

Speedo Gear design for greater efficiency, incorporating all possible energy, efficient measures, resulting saving of energy and operational costs.


Output range 0.37 KW to 7.5 KW
Voltage 415 V + 10%
Frequency 50 Hz + 5%
Insulation class F
Speed 1440, 960, 2880 RPM
Standards followed IS-325, IS1231, IS-2223 and IS-4691
Frame size 71 to 132, B3-B5


AC Motors are suitable for a variety of industrial, general purpose applications.

Pumps, fans, blowers
conveyors, compressors
Power Tools
Industrial machinery
Automotive accessories
Process Machinery
Plastic machinery