Helical Gearbox

Helical Gearbox

Helical Gearbox

Helical Gearbox Supplier Manufacturer

The power transmission market's medium- and heavy-duty industrial applications can use the helical gearbox from Speedo Gears PVT LTD.

Helical Gear Boxes are available in a conventional range and can also be custom manufactured to meet a specific need or to meet certain requirements. Feel free to talk to us about your needs, and we'll be happy to offer solutions that work.

Product Specification

Power (HP) 0.5 -5.0
Output RPM 32-400
Gearing Arrangement Type Helical (TWO STAGE)
Motor mounting Suitable to IS 325 AC Induction Motor
Input Speed (rpm) 1440 RPM, 960 RPM, 2800RPM
Model SP102, SP128, SP142, SP162, SP160
Phase Three / single
Warranty 1 Year Standard
Ratio 3.8:1 To 44:1

Helical Gearbox Standard Applications

For Application : Case hardened and profile ground steel gears with inclined teeth to transmit the torque between parallel / right angle shafts with the least amount of noise are used in agitators, conveyors, crushers, cranes, larger ball mills, mixers, aerators, fin cooler drives, and thickeners.

Industrial Used : Chemicals, Sugar, Cement, Paper, Rubber, Solvent Extraction, Steel Industry, Power Plants, Mines, and Minerals.

Gear Motions can work with you to discover the optimum solution for your application because we have extensive experience in both gear design and gear manufacture.

Case for a Heat Exchanger and a Cooling Tower To transmit the torque between right angle shafts, use spiral bevel gears made of hardened and lapped steel. Three-point Foundation and Unicase Design with Pumpless Lubrication.